Friday, December 23, 2011

turban time

Hey Zoya Girls

We are busy here at the boutique WOOHOO . . . I love the holidays! If you don't already know we have hand knit items that are freaking awesome . . . My fave right now are the head bands they sort of look like turbans here are a few:


Secret Admirer

Snow Bunny

the Darling

Red Hot


Btw don't you just love our glass head model. . . So, I wont be back till after Christmas. I hope you all have a great HOLIDAY!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Evil Eye Gifts!

During the holidays I am always asked what is the best gift I can get someone. My response is always something from our Evil Eye Collection. You can not go wrong with either a necklace or a bracelet. They are all sterling silver and gold plated. Here are some pictures:

LinkYou can click on the picture and it will take you to
our website where you can find out more about them

This is a close up of MY favorite ones

So, I hope you are enjoying all the holiday celebrations. . . Happy Holidays!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

its time to PARTYYY

Hello Zoya Girls,

I just wanted to share with you some of my fave things from the store this week!
First Lets start with this Top! As soon as I see it I think HOLIDAY PARTAAAYYYY!!

Second, These are Sequence Leggings . . .
I mean you have to be pretty bold to wear this with the top but I had it on the mannequin for the window so you know it works for that
I would probably wear it with something simple on top like something silk and just simple shoes
. . . because the outfit is all about the LEGGINGS!

Third- is this dress LOOK HOW FREAKING SEXY IT IS!!!

The Faux Leather top just makes this not like every other kind of BONDAGE DRESS

This is my absolutely FAVORITE THING in the store right now . . .
I almost just want to take it home with me, but I am waiting a little longer.

This is like two things lol . . .
The Coat keeps you super warm and
the Dress is sort of conservative
So Its perfect for a Office Holiday Party
paired with stockings and a patent leather pump

I hope your liking the new blog!



Hiiiii Zoya Girls,

As you can tell there are some changes on the Zoya Blog! We now have some different types of things going on here in BLOG WORLD. We added a few new tabs which include Information, Meet Our Staff,Lets Play Dress Up, and Zoya in Real life.

Lets Discuss what they actually are:

Information: This is where you will find our Hours, Contact Information, and anything else we feel you need to know.

Meet Our Staff: Here you will find just a little about the behind the scenes people here at Zoya.

Let's Play Dress Up: Bring your favorite pieces from your current wardrobe and let us help you put things together or update your look with our Zoya favorites.

Zoya In Real Life: Send us a picture wearing your favorite look from Zoya and finish the sentence "I wore ZOYA IN REAL LIFE to..." for the chance to be an official ZB GIRL and receive a fabulous gift from our store.

Don't forget to stop by our Weekly Sales Page - we change it daily.

Ok Loves Let us know if you like the new look and stuff we have going on . . . <3